Maintenance and monitoring of photovoltaic systems:

HYPERION is also specialized in the management of the plant next to the realization, with the ordinary / extraordinary maintenance and the continuous remote monitoring of solar fields.

HYPERION S.r.l. is partner of:

immagine176Hyperion uses the monitoring Meteocontrol industry leading system in order to monitor the plants built and maintain optimal production. The data collected in real time providing a wealth of information including:


  1. Instant Energy
  2. Produced total Energy
  3. The system performance as a function of irradiation
  4. Daily gain
  5. Possible anomalies derived from external agents



Become aware of the plant leads to distance abnormalities resolve quickly the fault with immediate maintenance and thus drastically reduce the loss of income. Monitoring is now essential in order to measure and control their own in a precise and timely system.




Some screenshots of our monitoring system:

  • A professional monitoring increases the production of around 5.5%
  • Immediate remote alarm activation when the failure occours allows a rapid solution of the problem
  • Web’log logs data received from inverters, meters and sensors and centrally stores the data. Differences respect to standards immediately generate a local alarm systemWith a communication interface, the values can be directly transmitted by the WEB’log to Meteocontrol Servers
  • In the Safer’Sun Portal are available several options of graphical analysis and a very sharp monitoring system, that allows the control of single components as well as a remote diagnostical system