Photovoltaic Systems

The Cantore family with all its loyal management staff, technical and operational, in recent years, first in TOELCO Srl and then in HYPERION Srl, he has designed and built "turnkey" a large number of photovoltaic systems, in both residential and in industrial applications, as well as fields of farmland (particularly in Italy in Piemonte, Liguria, Lombardia and Marche).

Since 2007 our team can claim to have designed and built more than:


  • Installations on residential roofs (up to 6 kWp)
  • Works on industrial roofs (up to 500 kWp)
  • Plants on agricultural land (up to 1000 kWp)







The investment on the roof of the house: the photovoltaic system "turnkey" no surprises


Photovoltaic systems from 20 kWp to 1 MW to work for your business


Photovoltaics for large investments on agricultural land


Monitoring of existing plants to optimize production

HYPERION operates in the field of photovoltaic systems for the maximum customer satisfaction: the company's approach is to provide a "turnkey" no surprises. A Project Manager responsible for the management of those teams that Hyperion has devoted exclusively to the construction of photovoltaic plants occurs during technical inspection of the implementation options, sharing with the customer and with a sales manager the best solution applicable to the specific case. The engineers and the designers are concerned HYPERION choice of materials and technical solutions to be adopted to make the most of the photovoltaic system. The practical office is responsible for managing relations with ENEL and GSE, the Connection Question obtaining the Incentive Fee.

HYPERION, in addition to being partners of some of the world's leading manufacturers in the photovoltaic field in order to offer customers the best materials available on the market, pay proper attention to components that are part of the photovoltaic system, but which are often underestimated or on which it tends to do economy.

Build a plant with HYPERION means count on a long lasting relationship, thanks to maintenance and after sales; so in case of any fault or breakdown, simply call your service HYPERION, where a qualified operator will take charge of the problem.

As regards the ability to monitor the system, Hyperion is partner of the German company meteocontrol, the undisputed world leader in the field of photovoltaic systems monitoring.

Choose us as a partner for the realization of your photovoltaic system on the house ... all the rest to us!


  • Reliability and safety: Thanks to the experience gained over the years and the certifications of our systems, we offer the highest quality, most complete security and the highest yield of energy solutions installed
  • Bureaucracy Management: Document management for financing and all the red tape is followed internally by our technical staff so that you can enjoy right from the start of your new photovoltaic system, without wasting time and without surprises
  • Turnkey: We offer advice to 360 °, follow the whole process, from locating the best areas to build, design tailored to the installation "turnkey" of your PV system.