Civil and Industrial Electrical Systems

HYPERION specializes in the design and realization of complete electrical systems of civilian homes (mansions, villas, etc …) and industrial electrical installations (warehouses, offices, etc …).

The work orders are carried out by our personnel, sometimes flanked by ns subcontractors of proven, for a long time, experience, especially if the speed of operations is important and required.

In turnkey supplies are included:

  • Lighting installations and internal driving force
  • Machine power plants
  • Pictures taken, switchboards of protection and complete control BT and MT
  • electrical transformer MV / LV
  • Lighting outdoor areas Equipment
  • Special, Telephone systems, video intercom, alarm, CCTV

Some work done by our team of technical and operational administrative management employment:

Industrial electrical systems

  • Sigea Spa – General Electric plant of compound production plant
  • Abalone and Scavarda – General Electric plant the new seat sales and repair industrial vehicles
  • F.lli Vergnano – General Electric plant the plant in males production and creators
  • Spa Finder – General Electric plant the plants to the relays and the new office center
  • Abaco Srl – General Electric plant logistics sheds at the traffic center of Turin Orbassano

Electrical installations in the tertiary sector – hospital

  • Dental school in Turin – General Electrical systems and equipment of all the medical equipment of the multifunctional center of Lingotto
  • Foundation Don Francois – General Electric plant the new old people’s home “Casa Amica”
  • Foundation work to Crocetta – Restructuring general electrical system of some departments of the Turin retirement home

 Electrical installations in the tertiary sector – museum

  • Susa Diocesan Cultural Center – General Electric plant and construction exhibitions of the Diocesan Museum
  • Fondazione Palazzo Bricherasio – Lighting system particularly in the preparation of various exhibitions in the Palazzo Bricherasio of Turin
  • Foundation of the Order Mauritian – poly-Annual maintenance of electrical systems, thermal and hydro-thermal General in Stupinigi hunting
  • National Museum Duca degli Abruzzi – Lighting system especially with the preparation of the exhibition “The discovery of the Alps” in the fort of Exilles and the palace of the festivals of Bardonecchia

 Electrical installations in the tertiary sector – trade

  • Torino Relais – General Electric plant of the new shopping center in Avigliana
  • Zust-Ambrosetti Spa – General Electric plant in the municipal parking garage in Savona
  • Hotel Frjusia – General Electric plant renovation of the hotel in Bardonecchia
  • Restaurant Le Pigne – General Electric plant the multiplex restaurant Coazze
  • Supermarket Crai of Villardora – General Electric plant