The Hyperion is now active in all the sectors of electricity and energy (active and passive), with the constant aim of achieving customer satisfaction.

Advising clients is one of the strengths of the modus operandi of the Hyperion and is the basis of Hyperion – client relationship during the various stages of the job, from design to execution, to final testing up to maintenance programs.

To this end, Hyperion is also a partner in the construction of civil buildings, industrial and service sectors through the identification and implementation of innovative solutions, with a focus on environmental sustainability, energy efficiency and security.

The specialization of Hyperion starts from the design of the works, relying, in its interior, electrical engineers, it continues with the construction of “turnkey works” and ends with the monitoring and timely and personalized maintenance of the systems installed.


With the same philosophy of work, with the aid of an external team of experts in energy and in energy termofluidica passive, Hyperion operates to realizations of thermal plants, co-generation, air conditioning and performing casings in terms of isolation and dispersion of heat.

The search for quality is constant and slavish, because in electrical quality is synonymous with safety and respect of CEI legislation, implementing the provisions for an applicable law. As well as innovative solutions in terms of climate meet, and in some cases anticipate future requirements in terms of energy savings.

Therefore Hyperion constantly pursues the training of its staff, through training courses, both on safety, both on innovative processing techniques, both on new products to install.

The work orders are carried out by our personnel, sometimes flanked by our subcontractors of proven, for a long time, experience, especially if the speed of operations is important and required.

Our job sites are therefore related to:

  • —Electrical systems in residential and commercial sector
  • —Electrical systems in industry
  • —CCTV and access control systems
  • —Burglar alarms and fire detection
  • —Museum sites Lighting systems
  • —Monumental lighting installations
  • —Street lighting systems
  • —Lighting and ventilation tunnels
  • —Highway illuminated signs
  • —Small and large photovoltaic power generation plants
  • —Hydroelectric small power generation plants
  • —Thermohydraulic civil and tertiary sector
  • —Thermal power plants, cogeneration and trigeneration
  • —Ducts with thermal and acoustic insulation
  • —Heating systems with heat pumps
  • —Analysis and energy audit of the buildings