New photovoltaic plant City of Jovencan (AO)

It ‘just finished installing the new photovoltaic system installed “turnkey” from Hyperion srl.jovencan-1

jovencan-3The photovoltaic system was installed by our operations teams over the building that houses the City of Jovencan (AO), which aims to operate under a “net metering” with the local distribution network.

Taking into account the particular shape of the roof in stone lose, consisting of several different layers and different angle and exposure, the rated power was found to be of 5,328 kWp, able to provide an annual energy production of approximately 5,590 kWh / year, which covers parts of the user’s needs.

The adopted typology is “building on”, achieved through installation of 16 photovoltaic modules coplanar to cover the roof of the building to civil / office use. The modules are used to 333W monocrystalline silicon.

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